Great Events


When the word comes to concerts, either in the tracks of organization or in those of production, Great Events knows that switching of the lights at the end of a concert is just the very last step of an incredible and different lifetime event.

The factor that makes concerts a whole separate event sector is not just the atmosphere they carry with and the uniqueness that live performances secure, but also the fact that for their making there is needed apart to the ones on stage and backstage, also the audience. This ingredient makes concerts differ to all other cultural events being inspiring while very demanding.

Our Services Include:

Band/ Artist/ Choir Selection & Booking
Venue Selection, Booking & Set Up
Event Design
Theme Development
Concert Marketing
Production & Execution
Schedule Monitoring
Lighting & Audiovisual
Technical Requirements
Equipment Strategies
Staffing Solutions
Ticketing and Promotion Services
Sponsor Booking Services
Attendee Management & Hospitality

Types of cultural events usually undertaken by Great Events:

Chamber Orchestras
Choral Music
Symphony or Philharmonic Orchestras